American Cancer Society Relay For Life 2002
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ACS Relay For Life 2002

May 10th, 2002 ~ North Alabama Fair Grounds
May 10th, 2002. The American Cancer Society Relay For Life was held at the
North Alabama Fair Grounds in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.
This was the first ACS Relay For Life in the Florence area.
Over One Hundred Fifty-six Thousand Dollars was raised in the
Florence-Muscle Shoals area at this years Relay to fight cancer.

The cancer survivors walked the first lap of the Relay For Life.
Each survivor wore their Survivor Medallion and held a helium filled balloon.
The entire audience applauded during the entire lap.
The sound was deafening. At the end of the lap, all of the survivors
filed out of the building, and at the Master Of Ceremonies signal,
said a silent prayer, and let their balloons go.
The balloons quickly floated up and away, to land who knows where.

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Dinner for Cancer Survivors and their guests

Good food.

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Milner-Rushing Drug booth

Blood and Cancer Center booth

Dr. Kalliath

Mary Beth


American Cancer Society booth

Dorothy with George Washington

Cancer Survivor Medallion

Cancer Survivors Lap

Cancer Survivors Lap

Feed the goats for twenty-five cents to raise money for the Relay For Life

Some of the Entertainment

Part of the crowd in the audience at the Relay For Life.

Dorothy took her 8th, and FINAL Chemotherapy treatment on June 5th 2002. Thanks to all the prayers from everyone, she should now be free from the dreaded cancer. Please continue to pray for Dorothy, that she will remain cancer free. Thank you! * * * * * * * Above is the "Graduation Bouquet" given to Dorothy by the Blood And Cancer Center in recognition of her having finished her final Chemotherapy Treatment.

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